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The World Food Media Awards promotional insignia generates extensive promotional opportunities for the Awards, and in turn, for a sponsor. They are designed and produced by the Awards Administration to provide nominees and winners with a highly visible and long-term way to elevate consumer and industry recognition of their achievement.

The promotional insignia are made available to all nominees and winners and have been used on book and magazine covers, television programme/segment openings, dvds/websites and a range of associated publicity material.

What people are saying about Consuming Passions and the WFMA.....

Toni De Coninck Matt Preston John Lethlean Julie Biuso David Bowden
Toni De Coninck

Toni De Coninck"Consuming Passions not only managed to bring the world to Australia, they also added a touch of heartfelt and true passion to the food & wine-industry. They know what food is about: love, sharing, bringing people together, probably the most social of all social media! I always felt extremely welcome in what became a United Nations of food & wine."

Toni De Coninck
Executive editor
Matt Preston

Matt Preston"If you need someone to ‘herd cats’ then Marina Libia is your woman – wonderfully adept at running a complex schedule, numerous competing itineraries and juggling the peccadillos and egos of a vastly diverse array of talent."

Matt Preston
Award winning British-Australian food journalist, restaurant critic and TV presenter
John Lethlean

John Lethlean"Tasting Australia has been an important catalyst for a diverse group of stakeholders in Australia's food scene. It has created an environment where media, chefs, producers and intellectuals have exchanged ideas and forged links that was different to any other in Australia. Tasting has been an important part of my development as a journalist working in and around food and food culture. An important part of its role has been the professionalism of the organisation behind it. "

John Lethlean
Food and Restaurants at The Australian
Julie Biuso

Julie Biuso"Tasting Australia has been much more that a gathering of like-minded food and wine people. It has afforded those attending an education given in the most enjoyable classroom – the amazingly diverse regions of South Australia - with the most sympathetic, passionate, caring,clever, articulate teachers imaginable, that is, the chefs, winemakers, growers and artisan producers of the state.

The inaugural event in 1997 was not only world class, it was simply outstanding. It remains the benchmark against which all other international food and wine events are measured.

The beating heart of Tasting Australia is of course Ian Parmenter, David Evans and Marina Libia, a trio who have carried their vision through 8 outstanding events. They are to be commended for their talents, for setting such lofty goals and achieving them, and in maintaining such an extraordinarily high standard over 16 years.

For my personal journey, I have attended every Tasting Australia event that’s been held and have always gone away enthused about the experience, my head swimming with new information and ideas. I have learnt so much about South Australia, and Australia, too, and find it is a rich resource to have in my culinary career. I have bonded with colleagues from across-the-Tasman whom I first met at a TA event, and enjoy an on-going exchange of information with many of them. I’ve also made many lifelong friends.

Julie Biuso
Ambassador Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand
Ambassador FMNZ
David Bowden

David Bowden"It is quite rare these days to encounter a team that is as efficient and enthusiastic as Consuming Passions. I have attended several Tasting Australia events organised by David Evans and his team at Consuming Passions and have experienced only the finest organisation, cooperation, support, fellowship and back up.

Nothing ever seems to be a problem and I am continually impressed that the team always maintains its composure, good humour and professionalism even under the most testing circumstances.

These days it is quite rare to work with people who get it. Consuming Passions get it."

David Bowden
Travel Write Sdn Bhd
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The promotional insignia used in 2010 are shown below:

Entry Numbers

Entries into the World Food Media Awards have consistently increased across the Awards’ history. The graph below reflects the rate of this increase, starting with 317 entries in 1999 and ending with 960 entries received by the 2010 awards.

Entries by Country

Entry Numbers26 countries have been represented through entries into the World Food Media Awards across its 14 year history, with an average of 20 countries represented through each Awards programme.

Entries from Australia have always led the Awards entry tally, as there is an exceptionally high awareness of the WFMA among national food and drink authors, journalists, publishers, production companies and industry professionals at large. This can be attributed to the extensive presence of these companies and individuals on the World Food Media Awards database, to the publicity and contacts gained through WFMA’s link with Tasting Australia, and to the location of the Awards in Australia.

Other countries which consistently rate in the top percentile of the entry tally include the UK, USA, New Zealand, Singapore and Canada and in more recent years, European countries such as Spain, Belgium and France.

There are significant opportunities for more developed marketing approaches into new or under-represented countries, which will be a key focus for the Awards Administration in developing strategies from the 2012/2013 awards programme onwards.

The below list shows the breakdown of the 26 countries represented by national entrants in the Awards – they are listed in order of their entrant totals averaged out across the Awards’ history.

Australia1.Australia France10. France Italy19. Italy
USA2. USA Austria11. Austria South Korea20. Korea
UK3. UK Greece12. Greece Sweden21. Sweden
New Zealand4. New Zealand Norway13. Norway Russia22. Russia
Canada5 Canada Ireland14. Ireland Cambodia23. Cambodia
Singapore6. Singapore South Africa15 South Africa Switerland24. Switzerland
Germany7. Germany Netherlands16. Netherlands Phillippines25. Philippines
Spain8. Spain Denmark17. Denmark  
Belgium9. Belgium Thailand18. Thailand  
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