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Showcasing Australian Capability in one of the world's largest and most prosperous economies.

G'DAY USA is an annual public diplomacy program designed to showcase Australian business capabilities in the USA – Australia's largest trading and investment partner.

Over the last thirteen years, G'DAY USA has brought together industry leaders and key influencers in government, business, tourism, academia and the arts to successfully cultivate and enhance the long term and deep Australia-United States relationship.

What people are saying.....

Walter Mariani John Olsen Garry Levit Kensington Caterers Curtis Stone
Walter Mariani AM

Walter Mariani"As we approach our 10th year of G’Day USA, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your help in making the program the success that it has been. You have been with us since the beginning of this journey and I can honestly say that without your help, hard work, dedication and enthusiasm, we might never have seen year two.

You have tirelessly resourced chefs, participants and product and then assembled it all here to the delight of a wide array of guests at the many functions across our program.

I have some knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes to make an event a success, let alone a week or more of events. An undertaking of such proportions also has its share of hiccups but from the front of the house, all one sees is a professional, seamless product.

You and Marina and your team expertly handle a myriad of last minute dramas and changes. Nothing is ever too much trouble or too hard. I have never heard you say, “Sorry, we can’t do that”. It is a great credit to you and your team.

As Chairman of the G’Day Committee, I speak not only for myself but for the other Board members in thanking you for the last 9 years. We are very much looking forward to working with you for year 10 and beyond."

Walter Mariani AM
Senior Executive Vice President, The Americas
Qantas Airways
The Hon. John Olsen AO

John Olsen"I have had the privileged of working with David, Marina and Ian over the past twenty years as they delivered start up World class events in both Australia and the United States of America.

Their passion, professionalism, determination and commitment to excellence is unparalleled.

They have made a substantial contribution to building G’Day USA, which is now the single largest annual foreign country promotion in the USA.

I have no hesitation in recommending Consuming Passions as a highly capable, principled and ethical Company."

The Hon. John Olsen AO
Former Premier of South Australia and Australian consul-general in Los Angeles and New York
Gary Levitt

Garry Levit"I have had the privilege of working with David Evans, Marina Libia and Ian Parmenter numerous times and they are without equal, full of integrity and committed to delivering the highest quality product possible.

They have collaborated with Sequoia Productions on the Australia Week/ G'Day USA events in the USA for the past 10 years producing the Food and Beverage component for all 10 annual events. I have never worked with a more professional, consistent and reliable group of individuals where no task is too small or too challenging.

Their positive attitude and unrelenting enthusiasm makes the production process that much more enjoyable."

Gary Levitt
Vice President
Sequoia Productions (USA)
Richard Mooney

Kensington Caterers"I have had the privilege to work with David Evans, Marina Libia and Ian Parmenter for the past ten years.

I own a Los Angeles based catering company and in my opinion, this team brings an unusual level of enthusiasm and professionalism to each and every event. At all levels, they are highly organized, and dedicated to doing the best possible job for their clients.

It is also my personal bias that they are all a delight to be around. "

Richard Mooney
President and CEO
Kensington Caterers, Inc
Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone"I have enjoyed working along side the Consuming Passions team on a number of occasions in Los Angeles as part of the G'Day USA promotions. They are professional, efficient and knowledgable and ensure that the food, wine and chef elements of each event work seamlessly towards a successful project."

Curtis Stone
Australian chef, author and TV personality

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The result is the most effective, far reaching and comprehensive annual national promotion across many areas important to both Americans and Australians.

The 2017 G'DAY USA program of events will mark the 14th anniversary of the G'DAY platform. The 2017 program will be targeted, focused and succinct bringing new business, entertainment, innovation, investment and tourism events in five cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco,, New York, Houston and Washington DC) with the goal of strengthening bilateral collaboration and realising new business opportunities.

Over 20 events will reach targeted audiences in seven cities through conferences, forums, networking, product sampling and promotions.

The Consuming Passions team will be on hand throughout the G'DAY USA 2017 program to bring Australian meats, seafood, wine, beers and celebrity chefs to this promotion of all things Australian.

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