Pete Evans

“Over the last decade I have worked alongside Marina, David and Ian from 'Consuming Passions' on many projects in Australia and Overseas. The team at Consuming Passions are the real deal...professional, intelligent, flexible and above all, they are a joy to work with and I always look forward to our next adventure together as a team!"

Pete Evans
Australian chef, author and TV personality
www.peteevanschef.com - Cook with Love and Laughter!
Guy Grossi

"I have enjoyed working with David and Marina from Consuming Passions on a variety of amazing gastronomic events. Whether the event is large or small they and their team bring a level of organization and commitment, which is next to none. More than this there is a profound understanding of an industry, which is extremely varied, and intelligent communication is required. I look forward to being involved in many more events that are on the Consuming Passions agenda."

Guy Grossi
Australian chef, restaurateur, author, presenter and media personality
Rick Stein

"Ian, David and Marina will be regarded as three of the most important people for putting Australian produce and cooking on the world map thanks to the enormously successful and universally enjoyed food festival, Tasting Australia."

Rick Stein
English chef, restaurateur, author and TV presenter
Neil Perry

"It has never been anything but a pleasure working with Ian, David, Marina and the team at Consuming Passions over the years.

From Adelaide to LA, NYC and beyond, they have assisted us in events from 10 to 2000. Their attention to planning detail, and ability and desire to make the events run seamlessly with an added dose of fun have consistently made our lives easier when working overseas on important events for Qantas and Tourism.

We look forward to working further with the team and wish them the best in their future endeavours."

Neil Perry
Australian chef, restaurateur, author and TV presenter
Sharon Bennett

"I have had the pleasure of working with the team at Consuming Passions on many occasions over the years including Tasting Australia and G’Day LA. They are as their name states – consummate professionals who work tirelessly to bring together great people in the name of celebrating great food and wine."

Shannon Bennett
Australian chef,Owner/Executive Chef
Vue de Monde
Will Studd

"I have always enjoyed working with the team at Consuming Passions because they are professional, efficient , enthusiastic , and most importantly - they know good food."

Will Studd
Australian cheese specialist, author and TV presenter
Cutis Stone

"I have enjoyed working along side the Consuming Passions team on a number of occasions in Los Angeles as part of the G'Day USA promotions. They are professional, efficient and knowledgable and ensure that the food, wine and chef elements of each event work seamlessly towards a successful project."

Curtis Stone
Australian chef, author and TV personality
Ernie Whalley

2012 was my fourth consecutive Tasting Australia. For me the event commences when, on arrival, I walk into my hotel room to be greeted by a winking red light on the room telephone. There are always a goodly number of messages stored - greetings from old friends glad to see you once more. These people are journalists, chefs and winemakers that I have met in previous years, plus individual members of the Consuming Passions team.

David, Marina and Ian make a formidable trio, all three bringing complementary skills to bear in organising a complex event that is at one and the same time a food and drink event for the public at large to enjoy; a gastro-symposium where radical ideas are discussed and disseminated and an educational faculty where the produce of the region is showcased for the benefit of the world's leading food and wine writers. It is a herculean task and one always executed with Rolex-like precision. That journalists like to be fed, watered and entertained goes without saying. Yet there is of course a more serious aspect to a press trip. If journalists are to do their job they need to be provided with an interesting and relevant schedule of events that run to time; accurate background information; and press facilities with interview room, computers with high speed broadband connections; even a room to chill out in after a long day. All these are provided to the extent where the facilities at Tasting Australia are unparalleled elsewhere. I always regard them as a benchmark for other such events, worldwide.

But overall, it is the enduring friendships that have been forged at Tasting Australia that make the primary impression. David, Marina, Ian and the team have truly created a sense of 'family' , which I will always cherish.

Ernie Whalley
Wine and food writer/restaurant critic
The Sunday Times, Ireland
Michael Angelakis

Tasting Australia enjoys an international and national reputation as one of the world's best Food and Wine events. South Australia has hosted this event for 15 years; it has brought the world's media, cooking celebrities, chefs and major international food companies to a relatively unknown part of Australia, where wine was our principle ambassador and food was yet to be developed.

I became personally involved with Tasting Australia and its organisers, Consuming Passions, as a board member of the South Australian Tourism Commission that negotiated with the Consuming Passions team on behalf of our government; and also being involved in various activities including Master Cooking Classes, MC of Feast for the Senses, Cooks in Concert and much more.

Consuming Passions deserve the accolades of success for all of the above. It was their driving passion, professionalism and their marketing experience, complemented by people and social skills with wine and food knowledge that brought the world to South Australia and gave the state it's standing on the world stage for Food and Wine.

Ian Parmenter, Marina Libia, David Evans and the team are a force to be reckoned with. They stand firm in their principles on the way an event should be run and are totally uncompromising in the delivery of a product like Tasting Australia. In my commercial dealings with Consuming Passions I have found them to be committed and passionate event organisers and Tasting Australia, with so many components, is not an easy event to put together.

I look forward to working with them again as they impressed from the beginning.

Michael Angelakis AM
Managing Director, Angelakis Bros.
Vince Gerraffa

My work over the years with the Consuming Passions Team has been punctuated by professional, passionate, caring and exciting team-work.

I’ve always been amazed at the network associated with the individuals and the team. The respect shown to these guys Australia wide is topped up with the work they do overseas promoting Australia to the world.

I want to congratulate the team on bringing some of the best stars of food, drink and literature to Australia as it benefits all of us. I for one owe my many Australian and International friends to the team.

My new friendships have increased my self worth, my business, my creativity, my charity fundraising abilities and my standing in the Food & Hospitality Industry.

Vince Garreffa
Prince of Flesh
Mondo Butchers
www. Mondo.net.au
Julie Biuso

Tasting Australia has been much more that a gathering of like-minded food and wine people. It has afforded those attending an education given in the most enjoyable classroom – the amazingly diverse regions of South Australia - with the most sympathetic, passionate, caring,clever, articulate teachers imaginable, that is, the chefs, winemakers, growers and artisan producers of the state.

The inaugural event in 1997 was not only world class, it was simply outstanding. It remains the benchmark against which all other international food and wine events are measured.

The beating heart of Tasting Australia is of course Ian Parmenter, David Evans and Marina Libia, a trio who have carried their vision through 8 outstanding events. They are to be commended for their talents, for setting such lofty goals and achieving them, and in maintaining such an extraordinarily high standard over 16 years.

For my personal journey, I have attended every Tasting Australia event that’s been held and have always gone away enthused about the experience, my head swimming with new information and ideas. I have learnt so much about South Australia, and Australia, too, and find it is a rich resource to have in my culinary career. I have bonded with colleagues from across-the-Tasman whom I first met at a TA event, and enjoy an on-going exchange of information with many of them. I’ve also made many lifelong friends.

Julie Biuso
Ambassador Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand
Ambassador FMNZ
Cooking with Julie Cookery Classes
Email biuso@clear.net.nz for information
Simon Bryant

I have participated in numerous Tasting Australia events over a number of years.

The crew at Consuming Passions manage to execute a seamless programme with military precision ; yet somehow balance this with a personal approach.
The result is that proceedings are both highly organised yet full of artistic passion, enthusiasm and a high level of hands on ground level personal support.

Simon Bryant
Australian Chef, Author and TV Presenter
Facebook: simonbryantchef
Twitter: simonbryantchef
Martin Bosley

"Ian, Marina and David produced one of the most ambitious, innovative and well-executed festival events I have ever attended. A joy to work with, enthusiastic, with a keen eye for detail and meticulous planning, they excelled in creating unique experiences that showcased South Australia, its food, wines and culture."

Martin Bosley
New Zealand Chef, author, writer and media personality
Martin Bosley Restaurants – New Zealand
Miguel Maestre

"I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to Marina for providing exceptional, individualised and personalised service in every step of the way. The whole team inspired confidence and ease, which is greatly needed when planning such an important and detailed event like Tasting Australia. I can honestly say they went the extra mile and I loved working with them and look forward to doing it again very soon."

Miguel Maestre
Spainish/Australian Chef, TV Personality and Author
Selector Magazine

"Through our sponsorship and heavy involvement in Tasting Australia I have had the pleasure with working closely with the Ian, David, Marina and the whole Consuming Passions team over the past 4 years.

As a publisher of a national magazine that is part of a wider wine marketing business, large scale public events that focus on the promotion of food and wine are a necessary part of our yearly activity. Having had exposure to the management of most of the food and wine events in Australia I can say categorically that the Consuming Passions team is by far the best in Australia.

Their experience, commitment and drive set them apart form all others. However, it is their intimate understanding of all the elements that need to come together to make an event a success that ensures that they have my full support in any venture they undertake.

The enormity and minutia of managing each element from all perspectives: media, talent, sponsors, partners and public, are handled professionally by all members of the team, full and part time.

In dealing with the inevitable issues that will always arise when staging a multi-layered and faceted event, I have found the team to perform with aplomb at all times, including those when the team is stretched and sleep is in short supply.

As a sponsor and media partner across the past several Tasting Australia’s, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ian, David and Marina, Annette and Lucia and would do so again without question."

Paul Diamond
Selector Magazine
www. SelectorMagazine.com.au
Nick Blair

"Working with David, Marina and the Consuming Passions team has always been a delight. They are extremely professional and continually bring great ideas and events to the table which are then executed seamlessly with integrity and are always of the highest standard."

Nick Blair
Communications Director
Premium Wine Brands - Pernod Ricard
Tony Jones

"I have worked with the Consuming Passions team at Tasting Australia over many events and from a sponsors perspective found it a most enjoyable & beneficial association.

Their ability to stay close to their sponsors & to identity additional opportunities within the frame-work of the event to add value for a sponsor was exceptional.

Long may the passion continue."

Tony Jones
Chief Brewer – James Squire
Kate Davey

"The relationship between Shingleback and David and Marina and their Consuming Passions team began in 2008 when we were involved in various G’Day USA & Tasting Australia events as sponsors.

Both on a professional and personal level David and Marina have always been a pleasure to deal with, always been contactable, willing to advise, extremely well organized and aim to give both the event and the sponsor the best and most appropriate outcome for them.

They are also obviously held in high esteem by their numerous network of contacts gathered over years of event experience, which is invaluable."

Kate Davey | Public Relations Manager
Shingleback Wine Pty Ltd
David Bowden

"It is quite rare these days to encounter a team that is as efficient and enthusiastic as Consuming Passions. I have attended several Tasting Australia events organised by David Evans and his team at Consuming Passions and have experienced only the finest organisation, cooperation, support, fellowship and back up.

Nothing ever seems to be a problem and I am continually impressed that the team always maintains its composure, good humour and professionalism even under the most testing circumstances.

These days it is quite rare to work with people who get it. Consuming Passions get it."

David Bowden
Travel Write Sdn Bhd
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Richard Fox

"Of all the organisations, teams and event organisers I have worked with over the years, Consuming Passions stand out at the very top of my list. Not only do they deliver a first rate, fabulously organised and enjoyable event, they do it with – as their name implies – genuine passion. The relationship between the team and the participants evolves into real friendship after an incredibly short initial meeting. The team itself has a true family vibe. I will always treasure the times I have had the good fortune to work with Consuming Passions: food heroes with a great eye for detail and genuinely nice people!"

Richard Fox
British TV chef and beer expert
Matt Preston

"If you need someone to ‘herd cats’ then Marina Libia is your woman – wonderfully adept at running a complex schedule, numerous competing itineraries and juggling the peccadillos and egos of a vastly diverse array of talent."

Matt Preston
Award winning British-Australian food journalist, restaurant critic and TV presenter
Antony Warrall Thompson

"Tasting Australia is a unique food show for professionals and public alike; it showcases what's great about Australia and is a marvellous forum for world renowned chefs and journalists to combine their talents for the good of food and wine worldwide."

Antony Worrall Thompson
British celebrity chef, author, TV presenter and broadcaster
Jeremy Strode

"It's been a pleasure to know and work with Ian and his team for the past 20 years. While always professional they never forget we're here to have fun and always enjoy what we do."

Jeremy Strode
Australian-British Chef/Owner
Bistrode CBD
Gary Levit

"I have had the privilege of working with David Evans, Marina Libia and Ian Parmenter numerous times and they are without equal, full of integrity and committed to delivering the highest quality product possible.

They have collaborated with Sequoia Productions on the Australia Week/ G'Day USA events in the USA for the past 10 years producing the Food and Beverage component for all 10 annual events. I have never worked with a more professional, consistent and reliable group of individuals where no task is too small or too challenging.

Their positive attitude and unrelenting enthusiasm makes the production process that much more enjoyable."

Gary Levitt
Vice President
Sequoia Productions (USA)
Heidi Van Gerwen

"I have worked with Ian, Marina and David for over a decade during all the Tasting Australia events. They are a warm bunch of people and now my friends, consumed with passion for everything Food and Wine.

This vibrant threesome managed for years to bring the World of Foodies to Adelaide."

Heidi Van Gerwen, Educational Manager, Regency International
Centre, TAFESA North Institute
Karen Ronning

"I am writing on behalf of the South Australian Food and Wine Tourism Working Group to express our enormous gratitude to you and the Consuming Passions team for the work you have done in creating, developing, managing and evolving our State’s peak food and wine event over the past 16 years ‘Tasting Australia’.

South Australia’s food and wine producers, regions, restaurants and tourism operators have all benefitted from the success of Tasting Australia, as has the positioning and perception of our state as a leading food and wine producer and destination.

The professional operation of Tasting Australia, the innovation, breadth and depth of the individual events, and the connection to the world’s leading food, wine and lifestyle media have been some of the key outcomes the event has delivered for SA.

We also recognise and value the relationships that you have formed with our industry from throughout the state and know that these will be long standing."

Karen Ronning
SA Food and Wine Tourism Group
Toni De Coninck

"Consuming Passions not only managed to bring the world to Australia, they also added a touch of heartfelt and true passion to the food & wine-industry. They know what food is about: love, sharing, bringing people together, probably the most social of all social media! I always felt extremely welcome in what became a United Nations of food & wine."

Toni De Coninck
Executive editor
Catherine Bell

“Food and wine events are two a penny but due to the combined vision, talent and hospitality of Ian, Marina and David, Tasting Australia has always been the cherry on the top for me – the very best of the best – extraordinary in every way! "

Catherine Bell
Food and culinary travel writer
New Zealand
Stephanie Alexander

"Over many years the team that directed and guided Tasting Australia set a new standard for food festivals in Australia. The invited guests, both participants and commentators, came from a wide range of countries, and all had a positive experience.

One met heroes and mentors and made new friends. I have never forgotten watching Carol Field wrangle a soft sloppy ciabatta dough and I properly understood this dough for the first time.

Later we dined together in San Francisco, a friendship discovered and developed thanks to the Adelaide experience.

Many of the guests were taken on ambitiously-conceived outings, seeing places that would not usually be part of a food festival, but which added enormously to their understanding of the diverse food offerings of this huge country.

As a guest presenter I was always treated with generosity, and my work was respected.

David, Ian and Marina will be a hard act to follow."

Stephanie Alexander
Australian cook, restaurateur and food writer
Maggie Beer

“I have the fondest memories beginning in those early days of Tasting Australia, working with the talented likes of Ian, Marina and David.

We were so lucky to have South Australia chosen by Ian and we owe a great deal to Tasting Australia for bringing the media to us, for the chance to show our regions in their best light - in person.

Always a fantastic gathering of passionate food people ."

Maggie Beer
Australian cook, food author, restaurateur and manufacturer
Matt Preston

“The Consuming Passions team and Tasting Australia.

When the stories are finally told, they will resonate with memories of the profound impact that Tasting Australia has had on Australia's food and wine culture, the industries involved, and tourism. Although it is South Australia that has most clearly benefitted, the influence of these festivals has been much more widespread and long-lasting.

It has been for the spirit of innovation in its thinking and boldness in its planning, that the Consuming Passions team has placed its stamp on these festivals and given those participating, from both home and abroad, unique experiences that will remain lifelong memories. The attention to detail, meticulous organisation, and efficiency of the Consuming Passions team made attending Tasting Australia a pleasure and enabled the participants to fully explore its possibilities while giving those hosting these experiences the opportunity to fully exploit its potential."

Peter Forrestal
Australian Freelance wine writer
Joanna Savill

“I've known and worked with the Consuming Passions team since the very first Tasting Australia - a landmark event in 1997. They are an organised, efficient and great fun team to be associated with. Over the early years of Tasting Australia they set the benchmark for great food events – bringing some amazing food personalities to Australia and always with flair and charm and amazing attention to detail."

Joanna Savill
Festival director, Crave Sydney International Food Festival
Journalist and TV presenter
Advertsier Newspaper

"Consuming Passions commitment and energy to Tasting Australia is the reason the partnership with Advertiser News Media has gone from strength to strength over the years we have been involved. In collaboration we have developed new initiatives that bring mutually beneficial benefits for both parties. 2012 saw the introduction of the L Plates cooking classes which were warmly received and widely known, thanks to the inclusion in the Tasting Australia program. This was good for The Advertiser and Taste brand. Tasting Australia with Consuming Passions expertise and direction has been a great advocate for the food and wine culture in South Australia. We would like to thank Consuming Passions for their ongoing drive and enthusiasm to this event over the years and wish the team all the very best."

Simon Wilkinson – Deputy National Taste Editor
Janet Leske – Partnerships Manager Advertiser News Media
The Hon John Olsen

"I have had the privileged of working with David, Marina and Ian over the past twenty years as they delivered start up World class events in both Australia and the United States of America.

Their passion, professionalism, determination and commitment to excellence is unparalleled.

They have made a substantial contribution to building G’Day USA, which is now the single largest annual foreign country promotion in the USA.

I have no hesitation in recommending Consuming Passions as a highly capable, principled and ethical Company. "

The Hon. John Olsen AO
Former Premier of South Australia and Australian consul-general in Los Angeles and New York
W. T (Bill) Spur

"Consuming Passions developed, marketed and managed a truly outstanding event for South Australia, called Tasting Australia, which ran from 1997 to 2012. Ian Parmenter, David Evans and Marina Libia built this even from nothing into a world class, internationally recognised, food and wine event.

I have nothing but admiration for these three individuals and the time, effort, professionalism and just sheer hard work they contributed to the outstanding success of Tasting Australia. "

W.T. (Bill) Spurr
Chief Executive Officer of the SA Tourism Commission from 1997 to 2007
John Lethlean

"Tasting Australia has been an important catalyst for a diverse group of stakeholders in Australia's food scene. It has created an environment where media, chefs, producers and intellectuals have exchanged ideas and forged links that was different to any other in Australia. Tasting has been an important part of my development as a journalist working in and around food and food culture. An important part of its role has been the professionalism of the organisation behind it. "

John Lethlean
Food and Restaurants at The Australian
Luke Mangan

"I have had the opportunity to work alongside Consuming Passions for quite a few years now, working on a number of events together. Over this time I have found their professionalism as a company second to none.

My team and I are extremely fortunate to have worked with such a great company, incredibly organised, professional and fun to work with. "

Luke Mangan
Australian chef, author and restaurateur
Michael Londregan

"I had the pleasure of working with David and Marina in my role as head of Tourism Australia and as a founding member of Australia Week USA.

At a time when tourism was starting to understand that tourism was in fact linked by DNA to oz food and wine it was the team at Consuming Passions who seamlessly created the collaboration.

Their innovation, expertise and most of all "make it happen" attitude was appreciated and I have no hesitation in providing my recommendation."

Michael Londregan
Group General Manager
Qantas Holidays
Walter Mariani

"As we approach our 10th year of G’Day USA, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your help in making the program the success that it has been. You have been with us since the beginning of this journey and I can honestly say that without your help, hard work, dedication and enthusiasm, we might never have seen year two.

You have tirelessly resourced chefs, participants and product and then assembled it all here to the delight of a wide array of guests at the many functions across our program.

I have some knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes to make an event a success, let alone a week or more of events. An undertaking of such proportions also has its share of hiccups but from the front of the house, all one sees is a professional, seamless product.

You and Marina and your team expertly handle a myriad of last minute dramas and changes. Nothing is ever too much trouble or too hard. I have never heard you say, “Sorry, we can’t do that”. It is a great credit to you and your team.

As Chairman of the G’Day Committee, I speak not only for myself but for the other Board members in thanking you for the last 9 years. We are very much looking forward to working with you for year 10 and beyond."

Walter Mariani AM
Senior Executive Vice President, The Americas
Qantas Airways
Kensington Caterers

"I have had the privilege to work with David Evans, Marina Libia and Ian Parmenter for the past ten years.

I own a Los Angeles based catering company and in my opinion, this team brings an unusual level of enthusiasm and professionalism to each and every event. At all levels, they are highly organized, and dedicated to doing the best possible job for their clients.

It is also my personal bias that they are all a delight to be around. "

Richard Mooney
President and CEO
Kensington Caterers, Inc

Ian Parmenter

Consuming Passions

Ian Parmenter OAM is a London – born celebrity chef, wine maker, author and journalist. Ian wrote and presented the highly successful, international award winning , cookery show Consuming Passions on the Australian national broadcaster ABC television network. Over 10 years this five-minute show was the ABC's most popular cooking program. Consuming Passions was seen in over 20 countries around the world.

Click the You Tube link below to enjoy many of these wonderful shows and to learn to cook simple and tasty recipes from around the world.

YouTube Recipes

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Jaguar award

The Jaguar Award for Excellence, in association with Australian Gourmet Traveller.
Winner – Gastronomic Travel

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Donec quis mi a tortor viverra sollicitudin. Proin consequat lobortis viverra. Vivamus porttitor mauris non urna fringilla eu fringilla nisi dictum.

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Donec quis mi a tortor viverra sollicitudin. Proin consequat lobortis viverra. Vivamus porttitor mauris non urna fringilla eu fringilla nisi dictum.

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